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:: 05.31.15 :: POSTED @ 11:11PM CST

Sorry for the long delay but first of all, BLUE BLOODS HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR SEASON 6!!! WHOO!! I'll post Season 5 DVD release when there's a date!! And of course the Season 6 premiere! I have capped the last 2 episodes of Season 5, he attended another CBS Summer Soiree. Plus he was in Hawaii the weekend of May 22-24th! He won Actor of the Year at the Big Island Film Festival! I'll post the article that includes the pics. Plus the festival's Facebook's page with numerous pics of him. I'll get those added into the Gallery as soon as I get permission. I've also included a video of Will counting down to the season finale. Enjoy! :) P.S. I'll definitely have a new layout before Season 6 begins! :)

- 4 of CBS Summer Soiree - 05.18.15
- 97 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Art of War" - Epi. 5.22 - 05.01.15
- 1 of Episode 5.22 Still
- 131 caps of Blue Bloods' "New Rules" - Epi. 5.21 - Epi. 04.24.15
- 2015 Big Island Film Festival Announces Winners - 05.25.15
- Big Island Film Festival on Facebook (Includes pics of Will)

A video of Will counting down to Blue Bloods' Season 5 finale


:: 04.15.15 :: POSTED @ 04:18PM CST

Hello. 2 more episodes left of Season 5! Still waiting on a renewal but we should hear soon! We have a repeat this week so we'll be back with a new episode on the 24th! Here are caps from the last 3 episodes! Enjoy! :)

- 261 caps of Blue Bloods' "Payback" - Epi. 5.20 - 04.10.15
- 3 of Episode 5.20 Stills
- 25 caps of Blue Bloods' "Through The Looking Glass - Epi. 5.19 - 04.03.15
- 153 caps of Blue Bloods' "Bad Company" - Epi. 5.18 - 03.13.15
- 2 of Episode 5.18 Stills


:: 03.12.15 :: POSTED @ 10:33PM CST

Another great episode we had last Friday!! Plus, "Anchors" is finally released digitally! Go here: Rent or buy!! Also, please leave feedback on their page. It's a great movie; showed more of his amazing talent!! You can see the trailer in the embedded video below. Anyway, here are the caps for last week's episode and we got another great storyline tomorrow!

- 413 caps of Blue Bloods' "Occupational Hazards" - Epi. 5.17 - 03.06.15

ANCHORS - Trailer from Anchors on Vimeo.


:: 02.22.15 :: POSTED @ 5:56PM CST

Hello. I forgot to mention that the cast of Blue Bloods was in an issue of TV Guide! Mostly about Tom but had snippets of each member. So I've added Will's into the gallery. Here are the last 2 episodes capped! We have a week hiatus again so we'll be back with a new episode on March 6th!

- 225 caps of Blue Bloods' "In The Box" - Epi. 5.15 - 02.20.15
- 385 caps of Blue Bloods' "Power Players" - Epi. 5.16 - 02.13.15
- Will in Feb 2-15th, 2015 TV Guide


:: 02.10.15 :: POSTED @ 10:47PM CST

Hello! We just had another great episode featuring a lot of Jamie! So here are caps of the last two episodes!

- 557 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Poor Door" - Epi. 5.14 - 02.06.15
- 36 caps of Blue Bloods' "Love Stories" - Epi. 5.13 - 01.30.15


:: 01.18.15 :: POSTED @ 11:11PM CST

Wasn't Friday's episode great or what?! That should have been the 100th episode because everyone had their own storyline!! Plus Will had a great and strong storyline. This season has been great for Will!! I forgot to mention last time that #BlueBloods100 was trending during 100th episode!! Very cool. Plus I was given a link of HQ pics of Will filming Blue Bloods!! Date is unknown but it was with Vanessa aka Eddie. Thanks to FF_AuntJackie on Twitter!! Enjoy! :) We're going to have a rerun this coming Friday :( but a new one after that!

- 338 caps of Blue Bloods' "Home Sweet Home" - Epi. 5.12 - 01.16.15
- 44 HQ of Will on the set of Blue Bloods

Funny gif I just made of his dance moves. I hope someone caught it on video!


:: 01.14.15 :: POSTED @ 9:45PM CST

The 100th episode was great!! Except there wasn't enough Will. But looks like we got a bigger storyline coming up on Friday!! I have promo stills of those, plus sneak peeks, 100th episode caps, interivew with Will and zap2it, plus a cute countdown to 100th episode video of Will!! Today Will, Donnie and Kevin Wade (writer) went to give money to the NYPD and they posted a pic! Click here to view!

- 3 of Epi. 5.12 Stills
- 118 caps of Blue Bloods' "Baggage" - Epi. 5.11 - 01.09.15
- Click here to see Vanessa Ray's pic with Will!
- Interview with Will: 'Blue Bloods' hits the 100 episode milestone playing 'the journey, not the result' - Zap2it - 01.09.15
- Video of Will counting down to the 100th episode (no embed link available) Click here!

Home Sweet Home Sneak Peek 1 and 2


:: 01.08.15 :: POSTED @ 6:14PM CST

Here are promos of Will for the 100th episode tomorrow night! Looks like we'll have another great storyline of Jamie! :)

-4 of Epi. 5.11 Stills


:: 01.03.15 :: POSTED @ 6:17PM CST

Happy New Year!! Sorry for the lack of updates, but we're back with new episodes!!! Glad the hiatus wasn't too long this time! The next episode, on Jan. 9th, will be the 100th episode! Hopefully there will be promos with Will included!! His episode last night had another strong storyline; hope this keeps up for the rest of the season and on!! I have caps of the last 2 episodes, plus a video of the cast on "The Talk" from the 12th! Enjoy! :)

-301 caps of Blue Bloods' "Sins of the Father" - Epi. 5.10 - 01.02.15
-3 of Epi. 5.10 Stills
-65 caps of Blue Bloods' "Under the Gun" - Epi. 5.09 - 12.12.14

Cast of Blue Bloods on CBS' "The Talk" - 12.12.14


:: 12.09.14 :: POSTED @ 10:30PM CST

We only have one episode this month and it's coming up on the 12th! Plus, on the same day, Will and the cast will be on CBS' "The Talk"! Of course I'll have a video of their interview!! Here are the caps of the last 2 episodes and videos of behind the scenes of Blue Bloods' Family Dinner!

- 16 caps of Blue Bloods' "Power to the Press" - Epi. 5.08 - 11.21.14
- 267 caps of Blue Bloods' "Shoot the Messenger - Epi. 5.07 - 11.07.14
- How We Got The Shot: Blue Bloods


:: 11.18.14 :: POSTED @ 11:40PM CST

Hello! Sorry for the slow update but I was out of town for vacation last week! I have yet to the caps of the last new episode. It was a reun on the 13th, so we have a new one to look forward to this week! But we did have an exciting time on Twitter last Monday (10th)!! Blue Bloods cast celebrated their 100th episode! I have pics of those, plus Lydia's pics from the NYC PaleyFest from Oct! She also made me some of Will's appearance from Law & Order; much clearer!! Plus HQ promos of Meego and Reunion (Thanks to Magali!). Hopefully we'll have Will promos of the new episode, so I'll post that and the caps! Beneath the thumbnails, there's a video of Will from PaleyFest!

- 6 of Blue Bloods' 100th Episode Celebration - 11.10.14
- 9 of Lydia's NYC PaleyFest - 10.18.14
- 10 of Lydia's caps of Law and Order appearance from 2006
- 4 of HQ Meego Promos
- 24 of HQ Reunion Promos


:: 11.07.14 :: POSTED @ 12:35AM CST

Hello! Here are caps from the last 2 episodes and new episode stills! His storylines are still going strong! :)

- 1 of Episode 5.07 Still
- 242 caps of Blue Bloods' "Most Wanted" - Epi. 5.06 - 10.31.14
- 451 caps of Blue Bloods' "Loose Lips" - Epi. 5.05 - 10.24.14


:: 10.24.14 :: POSTED @ 5:36PM CST

Hello! Here are Episode 5.05 Stills!!

- 4 of Episode 5.05 Stills


:: 10.21.14 :: POSTED @ 1:35PM CST

HAPPY 36th BIRTHDAY, WILL!! May you have a fantastic day!! With love from Gretchen & fans! :)


:: 10.19.14 :: POSTED @ 7:55PM CST

Here are caps of Episode 5.04 and a video of the Blue Bloods panel at the PaleyFest! Must watch :) Plus a video preview of the next episode. I need to remember to start doing that more often! I'll have 5.05 episode stills and fan pics from the panel this week!

- Video of Blue Bloods PaleyFest Panel - NYC - 10.18.14
- 268 caps of Blue Bloods' "Excessive Force" - Epi. 5.04 - 10.17.14

Preview of Blue Bloods' Episode 5.05, "Loose Lips"


:: 10.18.14 :: POSTED @ 6:32PM CST

Hello! I'll have caps from last night's episode up tomorrow. Today was the Blue Bloods panel at Paleyfest in NYC!! Hopefully they'll be a video but here are the highlights that Will said:

- Will doesn't have a fave episode. He has fave moments with characters.
- Will Estes: One time this lady said, 'You do your own laundry that's amazing.' I think it would be amazing if I didn't

Here's Blue Bloods CBS' instagram: Click here!

I'm sure we'll have fan pics to see, plus keep checking on my Twitter for those. Otherwise, I'll post tomorrow! Here are pics from the event and another event with Marisa from Thursday!

- 20 of 2nd Annual Paleyfest NYC with Blue Bloods - 10.18.14
- 3 of Vanity Fair and Shinola Launch Pet Accessories with Host Cecily Strong - 10.16.14


:: 10.13.14 :: POSTED @ 9:55PM CST

Another great episode of Blue Bloods! Will has been having great storylines and I hope it's like that all season long!! Not only I have caps, I have videos of behind the scenes of episode 1 from this season and one of his greatest scenes!

- 2 of Episode 5.04 Stills
- 329 caps of Blue Bloods' "Burning Bridges" - Epi. 5.03 - 10.10.14
- 1 of Episode 5.03 Still

Love it when Will has scenes like these!!

Behind the Scenes of Season 5 Episode 1!


:: 10.05.14 :: POSTED @ 5:15PM CST

Another great episode we've had!! Looks like another great one for Will coming up next Friday! Here are the caps from Episode 2 and I'll post Stills from Episode 3 this week! :) Ratings are still going strong!!

- 518 caps of Blue Bloods' "Forgive and Forget" - Epi. 5.02 - 10.03.14


:: 10.02.14 :: POSTED @ 9:19PM CST

Hello! Episode 5.02 Stills is up! I forgot to mention that Blue Bloods is finally going to the PaleyFest again, they haven't been since Season 1! They'll be held on Saturday, October 18th in NYC so watch my Twitter feed for the details and pics! I wish I could be there! Anyway, looking forward to another intense episode tomorrow nite!

- 3 of Episode 5.02 Stills


:: 09.29.14 :: POSTED @ 11:20PM CST

Whoo hoo! Gallery is back to working again by uploading pics!! Thanks to my past host!! Did everyone enjoy the new episode last Friday!?! Lots of great Will scenes! Let's hope Season 5 treats him better!!

- 354 caps of Blue Bloods' Season 5 Premiere "Partners" - Epi. 5.01 - 09.26.14
- 6 of Episode 5.01 Stills


:: 09.16.14 :: POSTED @ 7:50PM CST

Hello! Sorry it's been awhile since a new update!! Blue Bloods DVD Season 4 is now out in stores! Best Buy and Barnes & Noble are the only two stores that has it physically!! Make sure you check out the special features and the gag reel! I need to make caps of those and previous season dvds as I am behind. Remember when Will won the award at PRISM back in March? Well it finally aired on Sept 6th but they didn't show the part when he won! But they did show him talking about the episode. I have the video of it below! Plus there are Season 5 premiere pics that I need to post but I'm currently having issues with the Gallery :( I'm looking for a new host so hopefully this will all pan out before the premiere on the 26th! Hopefully we will get news about 'Automotive' being on DVD soon since they said Fall for a release. I have a synposis and a pic of the new episode on the left side. Also during the hiatus, I've been working on a new layout!! Anyway, I'll catch up with pics as soon as everything is back to normal! :)


:: 07.05.14 :: POSTED @ 5:56PM CST

Finally doing an update! :) We have lots of pictures and videos! And news! 'Automotive' is finally releasing to the public on July 8th!! Digital first (iTunes, Amazon, Google, VULU, Playstation and Xbox), then will be on DVD later this year! Blue Bloods Season 4 DVD will be out on Sept. 9th. Season 5 premieres on Sept. 26th! Will was on Hallmark's Home and Family talk show on June 23rd. It was so last minute, didn't find out till that morning, so I was glad I caught it! He was on most of the show, so it was really cool to see him more on a talk show. I'm behind on posting video interviews so they'll be after the caps thumbnails. Plus I have caps from 'Line of Duty. Here we go!

- 4 of Best Friend Animal Society Auction Party - 06.21.14
- 12 of CBS Summer Soiree - 05.19.14
- 109 caps of "Line of Duty"
- 240 caps of Blue Bloods' "Exiles" - Epi. 4.22 - 05.09.14
- 223 caps of Blue Bloods' "Above & Beyond" - Epi. 4.21 - 05.02.14
- 184 caps of Blue Bloods' "Custody Battle - Epi. 4.20 - 04.25.14

Will on Hallmark's Home & Family - 06.23.14

Home and Family's video of Will:

CBS' Connect Chat with Will Estes - 04.25.14

Will interview on Spanish's Noches con Platanito - May 2014 Translation. Thanks to Sofia!

That's it! While we are still on hiatus, I'll be fixing the broken images in the gallery! :)


:: 04.23.14 :: POSTED @ 1:21PM CST

Big congratulations to Will and Blue Bloods for winning awards at the 18th PRISM Awards last night!! Will won for Performance in a Drama Episode (Mental Health) from "Front Page News" in Season 3. Blue Bloods won an episode dealing with drug substance. Not sure which one yet but the awards will be airing on FX in September!

- 9 of Will at the 18th PRISM Awards - 04.22.14


:: 04.12.14 :: POSTED @ 5:42PM CST

Another week of a repeat then a new one again! We're getting close to the season finale on May 9th!

- 290 caps of Blue Bloods' "Secret Arrangements" - Epi. 4.19 - 04.11.14
- 2 of Epi. 4.19 Stills
- 435 caps of Blue Bloods' "Righting Wrongs" - Epi. 4.18 - 04.04.14
- 18 of On the Set - 04.03.14

Will has been nominated for a performance in Blue Bloods in the PRISM Awards! The cerenomy will happen on April 22nd! Cross those fingers that he wins!


:: 03.24.14 :: POSTED @ 11:15PM CST

Hello!! Blue Bloods has been renewed for a 5th Season!! Whoo!! Knew that would happen :) The season 4 finale will be on May 9th. Our next new episode will be April 4th. Too long of a wait!! Sorry I didn't post here soon enough but Will was on another talk show, Rachael Ray last Monday! Of course I have a video :) He was in the audience at Seth Meyers' show on the 14th. Videos below! :) Also new filming pics!! Enjoy!

- 9 of On The Set - 03.20.14
- 26 caps of Blue Bloods' "Knockout Game" - Epi. 4.17 - 03.14.14
- 453 caps of Blue Bloods' "Insult to Injury" - Epi. 4.16 - 03.07.14
- 27 caps of Blue Bloods' "Open Secrets" - Epi. 4.15 - 02.28.14

Rachael Ray - 03.17.14

Will in the audience of Seth Meyers' Late Night show. He's behind Planet Pluto - 03.14.14

Snippet of Will in Line of Duty (Mission Park)


:: 02.06.14 :: POSTED @ 9:10PM CST

Another gallery update! I failed to look for more pics and look what I found! Filming from Jan 31st! The irony of it is that the last time we had filming set pics was a year ago on the same date!! lol Also, tomorrow (2/7) is AmazingWill's 11th birthday!! I'll have to make a new gallery layout, and a new twitter bg! Hope you're following me on there! :)

- 13 of On the Set - 01.31.14


:: 02.04.14 :: POSTED @ 10:13PM CST

Hello! Gallery and news update! Blue Bloods is on repeat for the month of February due to Olympics, but should be back in March! I'll post the date! Ratings still going strong!

- 34 caps of Blue Bloods' "Manhattan Queens" - Epi. 4.14 - 01.31.14
- 70 caps of Blue Bloods' "Unfinished Business" - Epi. 4.13 - 01.17.14
- 199 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Bogeyman" - Epi. 4.12 - 01.10.14 (12 million viewers!!)
- 67 caps of Blue Bloods' "Tie That Binds" - Epi. 4.11 - 12.20.13

- ION Television Secures Weekday Syndication Rights to 'Blue Bloods' - Source:
- Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg debuts as director: 'I guess I did it the right way' - He talks about Will - Source:

Video from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - he's at the 4:30 mark!


:: 12.15.13 :: POSTED @ 7:05PM CST

Big gallery update, again! lol NYC was so much fun!!! I saw most of the cast coming out of the studio doors while they were filming dinner scenes (which was this past Friday's episode). Got a minute with Will as he was about to leave, so I wasn't able to give him the book! :( Then the next day, watched Donnie and Marisa film the playground scene (with the kids, mother and her daughter) on the same episode. I'll definitely go back!! Thanks to a wonderful fan for making caps of his older TV shows!! Plus youtube links of It Had To Be You!! It's a must see! :) I'm behind on posting the ratings, but they're still going strong!! :)

- 13 of Will at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - NYC - 11.13.13
- Me with Will!! 11.07.13
- 212 caps of Blue Bloods' "Mistaken Identity" - Epi. 4.10 - 12.13.13
- 33 caps of Blue Bloods' "Bad Blood" - Epi. 4.09 - 11.22.13
- 335 caps of Blue Bloods' "Justice Served" - Epi. 4.08 - 11.15.13
- 1 of Epi. 4.08 Still
- 109 caps of Blue Bloods' "Drawing Dead" - Epi. 4.07 - 11.08.13
- Boy Meets World (Turnaround) - 1994
- It Had to Be You (All About Dave) - 1993
- It Had to Be You (Let's Spend Terminite Together) - 1993
- It Had to Be You (Pilot) - 1993
- The New Lassie (City Lights) - 1989
- Highway to Heaven (Merry Christmas from Grandpa) - 1989
- Highway to Heaven (The Correspondent) - 1988

It Had to Be You Episode Links!!

- It Had To Be You - Pilot
- It Had To Be You - Long Date's Journey Into Night
- It Had To Be You - Let's Spend Termite Together
- It Had To Be You - All About Dave

Hopefully this coming Friday's episode will have more Will scenes and I'll post if he's in the new stills! Enjoy!


:: 11.05.13 :: POSTED @ 11:35PM CST

Big gallery update!! I'll have more soon! :)

- 5 of Epi. 4.07 Stills
- 347 caps of Blue Bloods' "Growing Boys" - Epi. 4.06 - 11.01.13
- 3 of Epi. 4.06 Stills
- 353 caps of Blue Bloods' "Lost and Found" - Epi. 4.05 - 10.25.13
- 2 of Epi. 4.05 Stills
- 194 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Truth About Lying" - Epi. 4.04 - 10.18.13
- 219 caps of Blue Bloods' "To Protect and Serve" - Epii. 4.03 - 10.11.13
- 4 of Epi. 4.03 Stills
- 94 caps of Blue Bloods' "The City That Never Sleeps" - Epi. 4.02 - 10.04.13
- 263 caps of Blue Bloods' "Unwritten Rules" - Epi. 4.01 - 09.27.13


:: 10.21.13 :: POSTED @ 9:10PM CST

HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY TO WILL!!!! I'm going to NYC next month so I've decided to make another birthday book for him and give it to him in person!! :) :) Contact me on Twitter or email here your messages, pictures, etc for the book! Please send them by Nov. 3rd!

I'll have the caps of the new episodes this week; I think Will has been having great storylines!! See you real soon! :)


:: 09.15.13 :: POSTED @ 4:52PM CST

Hello!! New layout is FINALLY UP!! :) I hope you like it!! I'll have the new layout on the gallery soon, that one is a little tricky. Here are some new pics; 2 more weeks till the season 4 premiere!!

- 1 of 4.01 Still
- 14 Fan pics from Team Betty Korea - Thanks so much to her!
- 3 Twitter pics Amy Carlson as tweeted!
- First Look: Meet Jamie's New Blue Bloods Partner - TV Guide - 09.05.13


:: 07.28.13 :: POSTED @ 7:48PM CST

Hello! I wanted to take a short break :) so lots of updates this time! First of all, Will couldn't attend the American Dreams reunion in Austin in June :( He had to work but he was missed by the cast! It was so much fun and really great to meet the cast, finally! Anyway, Blue Bloods' Season 3 DVD will be released on Sept. 10th! Season 4 will premiere on Sept. 27th! Hopefully we'll get some new set pics! Will appeared in the June issue of CBS Watch Magazine. Some fans were kind enough to scan for me as I can't find a physical copy :( hopefully it'll be available somewhere.

-196 caps of Blue Bloods' 'This Way Out' - Epi. 3.23 - 05.10.13
(Ratings: 10.30 million viewers - Source)
-2 scans of CBS Watch Magazine - June 2013
-1 of Automotive Premiere - 06.01.13
-Jillian finally meets Will! Her pic with him at the Automotive premiere - 06.01.13

Jillian was kind of enough to share her video of Will answering a question from the premiere:

-A great compliment of Will and review of Automotive: Will Estes Goes Full Throttle - Brave New Hollywood - June 5, 2013. The movie site has great behind the scenes pics (Click Here). I'll post the trailer when its available. No release date as of yet.

-AMC Theatres is releasing Mission Park for a limited time in L.A., NYC, Chicago, and San Antonio on Sept. 6th! If you live in any of those areas, please go see it and we'd love to hear a review! Click here for more info

-Jamie gets a new partner for Season 4! TVLine has the scoop!

That's all I have for now, hopefully we'll get some Blue Bloods goodies soon! :)


:: 05.07.13 :: POSTED @ 12:03AM CST

Here we go; another catching up post! Can't believe its the season 3 finale coming up on Friday!! Plus we finally got pics of Will off the set! I'm ALMOST done w/ the layout, got some final touches to go through!

- 2 of Will at Best Friend's Society event in LA - NKLA - 03.04.13
- 3 of Epi. 3.23 Stills
- 180 caps of Blue Bloods' 'The Bitter End' - Epi. 3.22 - 05.03.13
(Ratings: 10.02 million viewers - Source)
- 3 of Epi. 3.22 Stills
- 155 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Devil's Breath' - Epi. 3.21 - 04.26.13
(Ratings: 10.46 million viewers - Source)
- 154 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Ends & Means' - Epi. 3.20 - 04.12.13
(Ratings: 10.65 million viewers - Source)
- 3 of Epi. 3.20 Stills
- 152 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Loss of Faith' - Epi. 3.19 - 04.05.13
(Ratings: 10.99 million viewers - Source)

- Magic Valley is now available via OnDemand, amazon and itunes. All to rent. Not to buy just yet. I saw it and its pretty brash. He didn't have very many scenes. I'll have caps of that real soon!


:: 03.27.13 :: POSTED @ 12:00AM CST

Here are caps of the last 2 episodes. Blue Bloods will be back April 5th! Also added a new gallery album 'Twitter'. Amy Carlson has been kind to post pics of Will! Also, the Young Hollywood interview with Will that I kept forgetting to add! Still working on the new layout; hard to balance work, life w/ this site. I'm doing the best I can! :)

- 275 caps of Blue Bloods' 'No Regrets' - Epi. 3.18 - 03.15.13
(Ratings: 10.41 mil. viewers - Source)
- 60 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Protest Too Much' - Epi. 3.17 - 03.08.13
(Ratings: 10.72 mil. viewers - Source)
(Ratings for 2.22.13 episode - 11.21 mil. viewers - Source)
- Exclusive Will pics from Twitter

Will's interview with Young Hollywood's Baruch Shemtov from 1/31/13! Source


:: 03.14.13 :: POSTED @ 9:14PM CST

Stills for the next episode, which will be tomorrow! Looks like it'll be a good one! I'll have caps from last week and tomorrow's this weekend. And hopefully the new layout!! The cast of Blue Bloods did another photoshoot for CBS Watch Magazine! I'll let you know when that's out!

- 3 of Epi. 3.18 Stills


:: 02.25.13 :: POSTED @ 12:14AM CST

Hello! Still working on the layout and trying to use WordPress instead of the usual way. I'd like to go up a level! :) I've caught up with the caps before I got too way behind lol Anyway, next new episode of Blue Bloods will be on March 8th!

- 208 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Quid Pro Quo' - Epi. 3.16 - 02.22.13
(Will post final ratings in next update)
- 64 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Warriors' - Epi. 3.15 - 02.15.13
(Ratings: 10.73 mil. viewers - Source)
- 115 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Men in Black' - Epi. 3.14 - 02.08.13
(Ratings: 11.24 mil. viewers - Source)
- 30 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Inside Jobs' - Epi. 3.13 - 02.01.13
(Ratings: 11.50 mil. viewers - Source)
- 79 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Framed' - Epi. 3.12 - 01.18.13
(Ratings: 11.63 mil. viewers - Source)
- 501 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Front Page News' - Epi. 3.11 - 01.11.13
(Ratings: 11.22 mil. viewers - Source)
- 69 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Fathers and Sons' - Epi. 3.10 - 01.04.13
(Ratings: 10.18 mil. viewers - Source)
- 4 of Epi. 3.16 Stills
- 1 of Epi. 3.15 Stills
- 6 of On The Set - 01.31.13
- 1 of Epi. 3.14 Stills
- 1 of Epi. 3.12 Stills
- 6 of Epi. 3.11 Stills
- 2 of Epi. 3.08 Stills
- 2 of Epi. 3.09 Stills
- Blue Bloods is First Friday Scripted Program in 10 years to Average 13 million viewers or more viewers! Whoo hoo! (Source) (1/22/13)
- "Blue Bloods" is the Night's Top Gainer, Adding +2.38 Million Viewers to Cross the 14 Million Mark! (Source) (1/23/13)
- NEW INTERVIEW! Man Up With Will Estes - Men's Fitness - Feb. 2013

WHEW! :)


:: 02.07.13 :: POSTED @ 11:20PM CST

I'm so bad for not updating regularly!! For now, I have part 1 and very important news for the site - we are now 10 years old!! Also got your some eye candy videos. Caps will be next and the new layout!!! :) :) Can't wait!

Preview of "Anchors": (credit:

Preview of the next episode of Blue Bloods (which is a very cool promo):


:: 12.30.12 :: POSTED @ 6:40PM CST

Hello! Sorry for the long wait for another update but hope everyone has had a great Christmas! Blue Bloods will be back this Friday! YAY! More news about the American Dreams reunion - about the whole Pryor, etc clan will be there!! Will & Gail is still a possibility so cross those fingers!! more info here. I have a video of Will's The Talk appearance, sorry I didn't post asap. Lots of caps. Here we go! :)

- 275 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Secrets and Lies' - Epi. 3.09 - 12.07.12
- 232 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Higher Education' - Epi. 3.08 - 11.30.12
- 26 caps of Dark Knight Rises - 11.30 episode got 1.5 million viewers
- 12.07 episode went down to 1.4 million viewers
- More fan entries for Rate His Style

Here's his appearance on "The Talk"!



Season 6 Premiere - Fall 2015

Episodes / Season 1 caps / Season 2 caps / Season 3 caps / Season 4 caps / Season 5 caps




New Drama: Blue Bloods
Character: Jamie Reagan
Release Date: Fridays 10pm EST/9pm CST - Premiered: Fall 2010 - CBS (on Season 5) 1 DVD /Season 2 DVD/ Season 3 DVD / Season 4 DVD

New Crime: The Dark Knight Rises
Character: Officer Simon Jansen
Release Date: 2012; Now on DVD

New Indie Drama: Anchors
Character: Dylan
Release Date: 2015 (Released digitally: March 6th, 2015) here to rent or buy to watch!

New Crime: Automotive
Character: Kansas
Release Date: 2013 (Out digitally July 8th, 2014!) Site/Rent on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play

New Crime: Line of Duty (formerly Mission Park)
Character: The Dealer
Release Date: 2012 (available on DVD now)
Official Site

New Thriller: Shadow of Fear
Character: Morgan
Release Date: 2012; Premiered on Lifetime: May 27th, 2012; Now on DVD Site

New Suspense: Magic Valley
Character: Jimmy Duvante
Release Date: 2011
Film Fest Appearance: April 23/25/27, 2011 - Tribeca - NYC - (info)

New Drama: Not Since You
Character: Billy
Release Date: 11/23/2010 on DVD / Buy @

New Thriller: Taxidermist
Character: Gavin
Release Date: 2011


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